Hotel & Spa Royal Madeleine **** / Paris, 8th

23 Nov 2023

Their story

In the heart of Paris, between the bustling grand boulevards and the timeless charm of the Madeleine, stands the iconic Hotel Royal Madeleine. A 20th-century architectural masterpiece, passionately and visionarily designed by the renowned French architect René Duvillers, this building elegantly blends classical design with subtle modernity.

At its inception in 1910, Hotel Royal Madeleine opened its doors, welcoming travelers from around the world with a promise of exceptional hospitality and unparalleled comfort. Since then, the hotel has evolved while preserving its timeless charm, and in 2018, a major renovation was undertaken by architects, with Federica Antonucci as the mastermind behind the project. This renovation has succeeded in preserving the historical soul of the hotel while adding a contemporary touch, providing an even more immersive experience for visitors.

Spa and Wellness

The Spa at Hotel Royal Madeleine opens the doors to an oasis of serenity in the heart of Paris, offering an intimate and elegant experience dedicated to absolute well-being. Upon your arrival, you will be transported into a world of tranquility and calm, where every detail is designed to provide you with complete rejuvenation.

The treatments offered at the Spa are designed to allow you to slow down, take care of yourself, and escape from the fast pace of everyday life. Whether you choose a relaxing massage, a revitalizing facial treatment, or a meditation session, each à la carte ritual will provide you with a sense of complete escapism. You will be enveloped in a peaceful and serene ambiance, where well-being and beauty are the keywords.

The pool, a true gem of the Spa, is a haven of peace inspired by a beautiful Tuscan garden. Upon entering this space, you will be immediately transported into a world of absolute relaxation. The woven wicker armchairs and lush vegetation bordering the 9m by 2.60m swim lane create an atmosphere conducive to deep relaxation. Whether you want to unwind after an intense fitness session or a long day of exploration in the capital, the Spa pool is the perfect place to rejuvenate.

In the sumptuous setting of Hotel Royal Madeleine, our high-end massage tables seamlessly integrate into a space adorned with golden stone, dedicated to preserving serenity, calm, well-being, and beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of Parisian life. Furthermore, the soothing atmosphere created by their elegance and quality blends perfectly into this warm decor. We take pride in offering professional Dias Design massage tables at the hotel, a choice that reflects the sought-after excellence. Our tables are equipped with several high-end options, ensuring optimal comfort during massage sessions. Thanks to a custom mattress and memory foam, each massage experience is personalized, providing total relaxation. Moreover, the foot control facilitates the handling of the tables, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We invite you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled wellness experience by discovering our high-end massage tables, designed to meet the highest standards and provide you with a moment of absolute relaxation.

The services offered

The hotel

Discover an exceptional experience in the heart of Paris with Hotel & Spa Royal Madeleine, an establishment that goes beyond mere accommodation. As an iconic living space, this contemporary family home is located just steps away from the Opéra Garnier, the department stores, and Place de la Madeleine. The establishment offers a comprehensive range of services that go beyond traditional accommodation. From ultimate relaxation in the exclusive spa to gastronomic delights in the restaurant, every detail is designed to provide an unforgettable experience. Explore Paris with ease through concierge services, and enjoy the stylish interior design that creates a unique atmosphere.

The Arboré Restaurant and Talaé Bar

Under the enlightened direction of Executive Chef Ashwin Marius le Prince, Arboré, the brand-new restaurant at Hotel Royal Madeleine, comes to life. A renowned chef, he infuses the place with exceptional culinary creativity. At the helm of the kitchen, Ashwin Marius le Prince crafts a menu that goes beyond mere gastronomy; it becomes a true work of art. This menu, a result of his expertise and unique identity, celebrates French terroir with touches inspired by his origins and travels. Explore a symphony of flavors, where the chef’s passion for cuisine and his heritage blend harmoniously, offering an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of Paris.

The Talaé Bar, associated with the restaurant, serves as the welcoming heart of Hotel Royal Madeleine. It embodies the spirit of conviviality, generosity, and sharing. Under the enlightened direction of Fayçal Mokhchane, serving as the Bar Creative Director, Talaé has opted for a sustainable and zero-waste approach. This philosophy is reflected in a carefully crafted cocktail menu designed to complement the restaurant’s cuisine. Immerse yourself in an experience where the art of the cocktail meets a commitment to sustainability, all at the heart of Hotel Royal Madeleine.

The last word

Hotel & Spa Royal Madeleine embodies excellence in the heart of Paris, skillfully blending history and modernity. From its iconic architecture designed by the illustrious architect René Duvillers in 1910 to its major restructuring in 2018 under the direction of Federica Antonucci, every detail reflects a commitment to authenticity and innovation.

The hotel’s spa offers a peaceful escape amidst the bustling Parisian atmosphere, with treatments designed to provide total relaxation. The pool, inspired by a Tuscan garden, is a haven of peace, creating an atmosphere conducive to deep relaxation.

Our high-end massage tables, integrated into a setting adorned with golden stone, embody the epitome of comfort and elegance. Equipped with high-end features such as custom mattresses, memory foam, and foot control, these tables ensure a personalized and unparalleled massage experience.

Hotel & Spa Royal Madeleine goes beyond traditional accommodation by offering a comprehensive range of services. The Arboré restaurant, under the direction of Executive Chef Ashwin Marius le Prince, offers an exceptional gastronomic experience, while the Talaé Bar embodies the spirit of conviviality and sharing.

By booking a stay at Hotel & Spa Royal Madeleine, you immerse yourself in an experience where exceptional hospitality, absolute well-being, and refined gastronomy come together to create unforgettable memories in the heart of the City of Light.

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