Our options

Enhance your comfort with the different options we can incorporate into your tables.

Our options

Enhance your comfort with the different options we can incorporate into your tables.

Heating system

Our heating system will provide you with a unique experience guaranteed during the installation in the cabin. Integrated in the mattress, choose from five different levels of heating that will allow you to adapt the temperature according to your patient’s liking.
Integrated in the mattress
Carbon fiber heating system
2 heating zones: body and back
Power supply: 220V
5 heating levels
Digital display

Sound system

Broadcast your playlists with the Atman sound system integrated in our tables. The calibrated hertz frequencies and the vibrations emitted threw the table will offer an extraordinary sound therapy experience to your clients.
Made in France
Integrated in the table
Afaq certified : ISO9001


Make the lifting system of the table autonomous with a battery. At full load you will have up to 100 full lifts of autonomy.
100 runs on a full charge
Full charge: 10 hours
Charging capacity: 2.1 Ah/52.92
Integrated in the table
Lithium-Ion technology: Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC)

Integrated electric socket

Thanks to the integrated socket, you can plug your devices directly under the table.
220v socket
Ergonomic location
Secure socket
Stainless steel component

Silk screened mattress

Thanks to our craftsman saddler, customize your mattress to create a care cabin in the image of your brand.
Screen printing ink
Polymerization of the ink
Choice of location and size


Choose a stool to accompany your table. Both practical and design, it will complete your range of equipment.
Valencia leatherette
Comfort foam RP24
Reminder of the materials chosen for the table
Gas spring
Stainless steel base
High quality wheels anti-marking

Face comfort cushion

A face cradle cushion is an accessory specifically designed to enhance comfort when a person is lying face down during a massage session.
Choice of colors
Valencia leatherette
Memory foam
Treated to EU standards

Our tailor made tables

A custom massage table designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can customize your table with all these options in the custom section