Our tables

We work hand in hand with massage and wellness professionals to provide our clients with an exceptional experience.

Our tables

We work hand in hand with massage and wellness professionals to provide our clients with an exceptional experience.

Our design

Our massage tables have been designed around several axes : visual simplicity, quality and functionality.

Our cubic design is clean and understandable. All the complexity of the table is inside Our products are appreciated for their innovative solutions and unique experience.


Custom design

Design your custom-made massage table in order to have a unique product. Choose the dimensions, materials, design and options you want. Each application will be carefully considered to make your table a personalised product.

Heating system

Our heating system will provide you with a unique experience guaranteed during the installation in the cabin. Integrated in the mattress, choose from five different levels of heating that will allow you to adapt the temperature according to your patient’s liking.

Custom made your own

Your massage table will be the central element of your cabin. That’s why we’ve focused on design notions at every step of the conception, so that it fits perfectly into your universe


Sound system

Broadcast your playlists with the Atman sound system integrated in our tables. The calibrated hertz frequencies and the vibrations emitted threw the table will offer an extraordinary sound therapy experience to your clients.

Our materials

Solid veneer, a thin layer cut from a trunk, is the ultimate expression of wood. The unique character of each tree is expressed in our veneers. A precise sense of detail that brings a warm and refined touch to your cabins

Our options

Our tables can be equipped with different options to improve the comfort of your patients


Silk screened mattress

Thanks to our craftsman saddler, customize your mattress to create a care cabin in the image of your brand.

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Now that you know more about our products and options, discover our exceptional massage tables.

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