Dias Design and Atman Manufacture: A fruitful collaboration redefining luxury in wellness.

23 Jan 2024

The harmony of sound and innovation.

Forget everything you know about traditional speakers, because Sylph is much more than that. Imagine an object that defies conventions, a revolutionary audio device. Without a traditional membrane, Sylph has the unique power to transform any surface into a sound source. Place it on a wall, a glass panel, or even a wooden table, and suddenly, these ordinary surfaces start to emit music, bringing life to the entire room.

This piece of technology is entirely designed and manufactured in France, near La Rochelle. Sylph is the result of precise engineering and meticulous mechanical craftsmanship. The sound it produces is of exceptional clarity and quality, transporting the listener to the front row of a concert while comfortably seated in their own living room. Dias Design, known for its high-end massage tables, has partnered with Atman Manufacture, an expert in luxury speakers. Our goal? To revolutionize the professional massage experience through innovation.

What captivated us about Atman Manufacture

Why did we opt for a partnership with Atman Manufacture? The key to this decision lies in the revolutionary role of Atman’s Sylph in the high-end acoustic sector. Sylph, an innovative and membrane-less speaker, is a true masterpiece of engineering. It promises an immersive and lasting audio experience of superior quality, redefining the standards of luxury acoustics.

Sylph’s elegance lies in its ability to perfectly integrate into the environment. With its versatile and discreet installation, it harmoniously adapts to decors, making it ideal for luxury hotels and prestigious spaces. Its lightweight and modern design makes it a coveted addition to any refined interior.

Beyond its aesthetics, Sylph is synonymous with robustness and durability. It guarantees exceptional longevity and easy maintenance, indispensable assets for professionals. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and dedicated mobile app, Sylph is an intuitive and easy-to-master audio system.

Its water resistance sets it apart as a reliable audio solution, suitable for various environments, whether indoors or outdoors. Using Sylph means sharing a superior sound experience, a source of pride for both personal and professional users.

Our collaboration with Atman Manufacture, which began in March 2022, goes beyond a simple partnership. It’s an alliance between the comfort of wellness and technological innovation. The combination of our expertise in luxury massage tables with Atman’s acoustic competence has created an unprecedented synergy, marking an important milestone in our journey.

An alliance unique in the world of high-end massage tables

In March 2022, something truly special happened in the world of luxury wellness Dias Design, renowned for its high-end massage tables, and Atman Manufacture, a master of luxury speakers, have decided to partner up. Their goal ? Nothing less than revolutionizing the professional massage experience.

Imagine a place where physical comfort seamlessly blends with acoustic excellence. That’s precisely what Dias Design and Atman Manufacture have achieved with their commitment to French excellence. They have quickly established themselves as major players in the high-end wellness equipment sector. They have created a perfect harmony between the sound quality of Sylph and the elegance of Dias Design massage tables.

Each creation resulting from this collaboration is a true celebration of innovation and design, redefining the customer experience in luxury spas and wellness centers. The alliance of Dias Design and Atman Manufacture, strengthened by their proximity, has paved the way for bold innovations, blending the best of high-end massage tables with integrated and sophisticated audio systems.

Toward new frontiers in wellness.

Experience the perfect fusion of Dias Design’s refined massage table design and Atman’s immersive audio technology in Sylph. This collaboration creates an unprecedented sensory experience, blending comfort, relaxation, and high-quality sound. Each creation is a work of art, combining elegance and customization for a unique wellness experience.

At the heart of this alliance, a commitment to sustainability and innovation stands out. With eco-friendly materials and eco-conscious technology, Dias and Atman illustrate their dedication to the environment and the future.

This collaboration is not just a partnership; it’s an exciting journey towards the future of luxury wellness. Each step is marked by innovation, superior quality, and sustainability, reflecting an unceasing quest for excellence and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

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