Dias Design has enjoyed an unexpected international boom

11 Mar 2024

Our company, Dias Design, stands out in the world of well-being and luxury for its exceptional quality and ambitious vision. Specialising in top-of-the-range massage tables, Dias Design has rapidly established itself as a benchmark in the sector. Founded in 2018 by Guillaume Dias, and Vincent Dias an experienced osteopath. Our company has undergone surprising international expansion, leaving a distinctive mark on the sector.

A promising start

Rooted in our Vendée roots, we launched Dias Design with a clear mission: to create professional massage tables that combine exceptional comfort with meticulous design, while aspiring to go international. Our French roots are a symbol of the artisanal excellence we represent on the world stage.

Every luxury massage table we produce is the result of traditional craftsmanship combined with innovation, with particular attention paid to quality materials. Our 100% French production guarantees robustness and uniqueness, meeting the most demanding luxury standards.

At Dias Design, craftsmanship and innovation go hand in hand. Our top-of-the-range massage tables are designed with attention to detail and a constant quest for improvement, combining tradition and modernity.

What makes our massage tables unique

We believe that luxury should not come at the expense of the planet. Our sustainable practices and ethical production ensure that every professional massage table is environmentally friendly. We choose materials that are both luxurious and sustainable, reflecting our commitment to the planet.

Customisation is essential for luxury products. We offer tailor-made options to our customers, allowing them to add a personal touch to their luxury massage tables. This attention to detail elevates the luxury experience.

The addition of a unique sound and vibration system integrated into the tables offers a therapeutic experience that goes beyond traditional massage. This is what sets us apart, making our tables not just a piece of furniture, but a total experience.

Our top-of-the-range massage tables are equipped with an advanced heating system, a feature particularly appreciated in spas and wellness centres. The heat not only enhances the massage experience, but also aids muscle relaxation, adding another dimension to our luxurious offering.

The electric height adjustment mechanism on our professional massage tables offers convenience and flexibility, particularly appreciated by professionals. This feature demonstrates our commitment to combining luxury and functionality.

Strategic international expansion

Our international expansion at Dias Design is no accident, but the result of a meticulously devised strategy. To date, we have already conquered between 8 and 10 countries, including Dubai, the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Saint-Barthélemy and Italy, with our luxury massage tables.


By 2025, we aim to have an even stronger presence on the world stage. Our aim is to reach new markets, targeting countries where demand for luxury and wellness products is growing strongly.

Our market research shows that regions such as South-East Asia, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe offer huge potential for our brand. These emerging markets are characterised by an increasingly sophisticated and demanding customer base, seeking to combine luxury and well-being in their daily lives.

Our 2025 strategy

To succeed in these new territories, we plan to adapt our marketing strategies, taking into account the specific cultural and commercial characteristics of each region. We also plan to work with local distributors, luxury spas and high-end hotels to increase our visibility and accessibility.

We will continue to make our presence felt at trade fairs in France, while at the same time beginning to explore international trade fairs in the fields of well-being and luxury. These events are the perfect opportunity to unveil our innovations and build relationships with potential customers and business partners around the world. In addition, we plan to co-develop new ranges of massage tables with our customers to better meet their needs.

The year 2025 promises to be a milestone in our history, with the ambition of breaking new ground and strengthening our position as leader in the high-end massage table industry. Our vision for the future is clear: Dias Design will be synonymous with luxury and well-being, not just in France and Europe, but throughout the world.

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