The various massage practices

22 Apr 2024

In the wellness universe, the massage experience transcends mere applied techniques. It is deeply influenced by the quality of the equipment used, notably the massage table. Today, we are proud to present how our high-end, 100% French massage tables enhance this experience. Thanks to a perfect fusion of innovation and tradition, our tables adapt to a multitude of massage techniques, thus offering an unparalleled experience for both the masseur and the client.

The importance of a high-end massage table

A massage table is not just a piece of furniture; it is the very foundation of a successful massage session. Our tables, designed and manufactured in France, embody excellence in terms of comfort, safety, and functionality. They are equipped with an audio system from Atman Manufacture, also French, which allows for a complete immersion in sound therapy.

Imagine the softness of an enveloping melody, diffused directly from your table, for deep relaxation. Furthermore, our integrated heating mattress technology envelops you in warmth, promoting muscle relaxation and mental escape.

The different types of massages and their synergy with our tables.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage, known for its smooth and enveloping movements, finds a significant ally in our tables. The heating system prepares the body for the massage by relaxing the muscles, while the ambient music creates a serene environment, thus enhancing the benefits of the session.

Deep tissue massage

This technique, which targets the deeper layers of muscles, requires a table that offers excellent stability and maximum comfort. Our tables, with their eco-friendly memory foam mattress, provide perfect support, allowing practitioners to work with precision without compromising the comfort of the client.

Sports massage

Ideal for muscle recovery, sports massage greatly benefits from our heated mattress option. The diffused heat helps relax sore muscles, while the memory foam cushions adapt support to each morphology, thus optimizing the effectiveness of the treatment.


Our tables equipped with sound systems invite you to a unique sensory journey, particularly beneficial in reflexology. The deep relaxation induced by sound therapy allows for better receptivity of the body to the pressure points being worked on, amplifying the effects of the massage.


Shiatsu, traditionally practiced on a tatami mat, is elevated by the use of our tables. The firmness of the memory foam mattress provides the necessary support for precise pressure execution, while the customization capability of our tables adapts to the diversity of required postures.

The words of a professional.

“…whether they are adjustable in height, for practitioners it’s much more comfortable and prevents them from getting back pain during the massage.” Even for the client experience, having the sound system integrated into the table really allows them to be enveloped during the treatment… We also have the advantage of having tables that are very wide (comfortable for the client) with an integrated heating mattress.” – Emma Radix, Spa Manager at Bloom House Hotel

The last words

The pursuit of well-being unquestionably involves superior quality equipment. Our massage tables, 100% manufactured in France, are the preferred choice of professionals eager to offer exceptional massage experiences. With innovative features such as the Atman Manufacture sound system, integrated heating mattress, and the revolutionary comfort of the eco-friendly memory foam mattress, our tables elevate each massage session to an unparalleled level of excellence. We invite you to discover our range and feel the difference that impeccable quality and genuine attention to detail can make in the practice of massage.

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