Massage tables designed by a French family-owned company.

12 Dec 2023

The wellness pioneers of Vendée are reinventing your massage tables !

Vincent Dias, the founder of Dias Design, is an experienced osteopath with over 30 years of experience who has brought his creativity to this story. Guillaume Dias, co-founder of Dias Design and a native of Vendée, has always been passionate about business and entrepreneurship.


The captivating story of Dias Design begins with the idea of designing a unique massage table for Vincent’s osteopathy practice. During his business school studies, Guillaume turned this project into reality with a group of friends, thus launching the family adventure of Dias Design in Vendée.

For five years, the project was managed in parallel with other activities, enriching Guillaume’s journey with internships in startups and in purchasing at Axa France. These varied experiences allowed him to gain valuable knowledge and skills, providing him with the necessary foundation to successfully develop Dias Design.

Today, Dias Design is a key player in the design and marketing of massage tables, offering unique and innovative solutions. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, through each massage table, reflecting our visionary spirit.

Dias Design’s journey, rooted in Vendée heritage and driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, opens up new horizons. The story of the unique massage table remains at the heart of the present, defining our mission focused on innovation and quality.

From Paris to Vendée, our massage tables are revolutionizing your spaces.

At the height of the excitement surrounding our massage table, the recognition of market potential, both in France and internationally, became evident. At this pivotal moment, a bold decision was made, to dream bigger and give birth to a strong brand, marking the beginning of a new era for Dias Design. At this stage, full-time integration into the company became indispensable.

To reach our new horizons, we made the strategic decision to join the renowned Parisian startup incubator, Schoolab. This step proved to be a major turning point in the evolution of our company, providing us with top-notch support in creation and development.

In order to optimize our organization and efficiently meet the growing demand, we divided the entities into two. While Guillaume settled in Paris to focus on the business aspects and overall management of the company, Vincent remained in Vendée, expertly overseeing production and research and development. This strategic division of responsibilities has allowed us to maximize efficiency, fully leveraging the respective strengths of both locations.

This transition laid the groundwork for a new dynamic within Dias Design, propelling the company to new heights. With a shared vision and a common passion for innovation, we have solidified our presence in the international market for professional massage tables. The key stages of our journey, from design to marketing, are marked by a constant pursuit of quality and excellence.

Today, Dias Design is proudly established as a reference in the world of massage tables, offering unique and innovative products that have won the hearts of our customers. Our story continues to be written, driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction and an unending quest for improvement.

The massage table that marked our beginnings remains a symbol of a successful entrepreneurial journey, lighting the path to a future where comfort and efficiency harmoniously converge. We are proud to present our high-end massage tables, designed from A to Z for the client’s comfort and ease of use for the practitioner.

Every aspect of our massage tables has been carefully designed to provide an optimal massage experience. Our tables feature advanced features that highlight innovation and practicality. Furthermore, we have ensured that our tables combine elegance and ease of use, for a pleasant and seamless massage experience. At Dias Design, we are committed to providing high-quality products that meet our customers’ needs and offer them an exceptional experience

Well-being in the French style

The massage tables from Dias Design truly stand out, and for a multitude of captivating reasons. From the first glance, their unique design, both sleek and substantial, gives our products a distinctive elegance that does not go unnoticed. Beyond aesthetics, we have integrated innovative features to enhance the experience of our clients.

One of our proudest achievements is the integration of a heating system. And a Sylph audio system developed in partnership with Atman Manufacture, based in La Rochelle. This combination of refined design and cutting-edge technology ensures our clients an exceptional massage experience, where comfort meets innovation.

What further distinguishes our professional massage tables is their origin. Crafted with passion in our workshops in Vendée, our tables benefit from the label of French production. This proximity allows us to guarantee high-quality artisanal products, while offering the flexibility needed to meet the specific needs of our clients with custom-made creations.

We design our tables to custom specifications so that they fit perfectly within the dimensions of your cabins. Additionally, we offer various types of wood, as well as lacquered finishes in different colors. All of this is thoughtfully designed to meet your specific needs and to harmonize perfectly with the design of your cabins.


Beyond the chosen materials and meticulous design, what makes our massage tables truly exceptional is our unwavering commitment to top-tier personalized service. Each client file is approached with an individualized approach, allowing for a thorough understanding of specific needs, in order to offer a tailor-made solution. This is where the very essence of luxury lies: in the combination of an exceptional product with unparalleled service. Our massage tables are not just massage tables; they are luxury massage tables.

Thus, each Dias Design massage table tells a story of elegance, cutting-edge technology, French craftsmanship, and a commitment to unmatched customer satisfaction.

By choosing our tables, our clients opt for much more than just a piece of furniture; they invest in a massage experience that combines comfort, aesthetics, and innovation.

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